Posted on May 8, 2018

RS Metrics proprietary, patented technology platform leverages advanced computer vision and machine learning to extract meaningful and ready-to-use data from a variety of location-based sources.

Applications and datasets provide easily consumable predictive analytics, signals, and alerts for decision making and a competitive edge.

MetalSignals pulls data from imaging satellites to measure on the ground trends for hundreds of individual smelter and storage locations and rolls that data up into indices that are ~80% predictive of price and inventory.

The signals generated by MetalSignals for Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc are also highly predictive of stock price for numerous metals-related companies (e.g. Alcoa, Freeport-MacMoran).


Signal parameters can be optimized for each equity by adjusting comparison periods, standard deviation hurdles, lag, consecutive or YOY growth and more. MetalSignals data is available as a daily data feed, or via the MetalSignals application.

To learn more about MetalSignals click here

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