Posted on May 23, 2018

RS Metrics TrafficSignals web app provides reports, data and predictive signals for retail. This web application analyzes proprietary retail traffic data generated from satellite and aerial imagery.

In addition, it provides chain-wide and regional measurements of year-over-year daily, weekly, and monthly parking lot traffic for major US retail and restaurant chains.

How does it work? It generates alerts and signals based on significant change in traffic growth that are predictive of quarterly revenue surprises and analyst consensus changes. Data feeds with timestamped store-level traffic observations are available weekly and monthly, for combination with existing data, models, and systems. Among many other uses, this store-level data can be used to measure market share shifts between individual stores or groups of stores, and for retailers can measure changes in shopper conversion (cars outside vs transactions inside).


The picture above: an example of HomeDepot 1Q18 Recap using TrafficSignals

To get a better idea of how TrafficSignals was used to predict signals of change for Walmart and HomeDepot, please watch our latest YouTube video, Insights on Walmart & HomeDepot hereMake sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more videos like this!