Posted on June 25, 2018

Tesla built a giant tent to expand production of the Model 3

‘Bursting at the seams’ indoors, Tesla starts making cars outside


Tesla’s push to make more Model 3 electric cars expanded outdoors this week: On June 16th, Musk announced that Tesla had built an “entire new general assembly line” in just three weeks with “minimal resources.” He posted a photo of a gleaming red Model 3, the company’s first dual-motor, all-wheel drive performance model, inside what appeared to be a very large tent. And like all things Tesla, the tent instantly became the focus of intense interest.

Internet sleuths posted and dissected satellite imagery, spy shots, and aerial footage of the new structure — even though a reporter for Ars Technica noted the tent was “easily visible from the nearby Warm Springs BART station platform.” At least two Twitter users camped outside the tent this week, shooting still images and videos and posting them to the platform.


More fodder came from RS Metrics, which analyzes satellite and aerial imagery and sells the data to the likes of institutional investors and hedge funds. After their images of the tents started to make the rounds, the company promoted its Tesla data sets — which primarily focus on car counts based on images of Tesla’s parking lots, and range in the hundreds of dollars — on Twitter as well.

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