Posted on September 4, 2018

As focus intensifies on Tesla’s ability to meet production goals in 3Q18, @nypost article today features @RSMetrics Fremont Plant aerial imagery data and analysis.

Is Tesla really producing as many cars as Elon Musk says it is?

Aside from generating crazy headlines — tweeting last month, for example, that he plans to take the company private, then announcing two weeks later that he decided not to — Musk is also in the business of making very expensive electric cars.

Is Tesla meeting its production targets? A lot of serious investors — and one curious reporter — want to know.

I turned to RS Metrics, a company that regularly monitors companies — including Tesla — from the sky for institutional investors. That’s where the three photos (below) of Tesla’s Fremont, Calif., assembly plant you see with this column came from.

The first photo is Tesla’s south logistics parking lot, where finished cars gather before getting shipped out to customers. It was taken a little over a month ago by a hired aircraft.

The one marked Aug. 23 — with the far less full parking lot — was taken a week and a half ago. The third picture was taken just last Thursday and it shows the lot filling up again.

Alex Diamond, vice president of RS Metrics, interpreted the pictures for me:

“The first image is from Aug. 2 when the lot was relatively full with 421 Model 3’s, 88 Model X’s, and 85 Model S’s,” said Diamond. “The second [photo] is from Aug. 23, when it was relatively empty with 112 Model 3, 33 Model X, and 22 Model S.

“The third photo shows the lot filling up again, with 243 Model 3’s, 35 Model X’s, and 29 Model S’s in the south delivery lot.”

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