Global asset-level geo-location data
mapped to the largest public equities

A foundational product to RS Metrics, AssetTracker provides asset-level information about geolocation metrics for the companies from the MSCI ACWI Index

What is AssetTracker?

AssetTracker is a proprietary global database that serves as the foundation of all RS Metrics products by allowing geospatial data to be mapped to corporate ownership. This provides products like ESGSignals® the ability to better perceive the environmental performance of a specific asset of a company. 

It provides asset-level geo-location information for the companies in MSCI ACWI Index and includes asset, asset type, corporate ownership, address, latitude, and longitude for the asset locations. Coverage is expanding to cover the largest privately owned companies globally.

AssetTracker offers:

  1. Proprietary database that serves as the System of Record for MSCI ACWI locations globally

  2. Geospatial data mapped to company, industry, sector, and ultimately a security (Stock, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds, SPV)

  3. Millions of asset locations, allowing all stakeholders to upload their own data and share it via Blockchain or API

Why AssetTracker?

AssetTracker provides the ability to obtain information about specific assets or include the ones you are most interested in. The product is aligned to provide baselining for asset-level transition & climate physical risk metrics. It can also help with benchmarking against peer groups based on real-time environmental risk factors.

Why is it relevant?

As reiterated in the recent Report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change),

“It’s now or never, if we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C (2.7°F),”
said IPCC Working Group III Co-Chair Jim Skea. “Without immediate and
deep emissions reductions across all sectors, it will be impossible.”

In order to limit warming, we need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions significantly. AssetTracker provides a tool for companies that want to learn more about their assets’ impact and how they can better manage their emissions.

"Unless nations and businesses act now, there is little chance that we will be able to achieve our goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius. We already have the tools available to baseline and benchmark every asset in the world, what we need is the will to do it.”

He continues, “If we are to create sustainable change, every company has to integrate environmental metrics into every aspect of their operations, from procurement to processing to production to reporting.” 

Maneesh Sagar,
Chairman and CEO of RS Metrics

This is why, RS Metrics created the world’s first open platform for tracking global assets. Companies can contribute their own assets, consultants can onboard their clients’ assets, and capital market stakeholders can compare and contrast investments. This can also be used with our other products like ESGSignals® and topics like biodiversity to give the necessary information for management decision processes.

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