Asset-level Environmental Metrics and Business Intelligence Solutions

A leading geospatial analytics tool helping businesses measure their ESG impact and benchmark against competitors

Granularity -

Asset Level Product Methodology

Key Feature 01

Filtering & Customization

You can choose to filter whether it be at company, industry or sector and roll-up to compare and benchmark at the respective levels. Bringing in more customization for specific characteristics that matters the most for your investment or management purposes.

Key Feature 02

Single Asset Analysis

Analysis at the single asset level allows you to get an isolated view on the ESG and environmental, climate and physical metrics of interest for a specific asset to derive granular insights about its performance.

1. Sector

2. Company

3. Head-to-head Analysis

Benchmarking across sectors

Geospatial Analysis via Asset-Level Dashboards

Why Choose ESGSignals®?

ESGSignals® solves the foundational issues with existing ESG data through its asset level approach.

Extensive list of environmental and physical risk metrics that are consistent and relevant

Objective, verifiable, and comparable data

Granular and consistent data on an asset-level

ESGSignals®: Asset-Level Data and Methodology


Properly monitoring, managing, and reporting progress against targets and commitments requires accurate, timely, and reliable data on the performance of a company’s principal assets and operations on these environmental dimensions. And so as with financial data, this data on corporate environmental performance will increasingly be communicated to stakeholders and the market directly by companies and through data aggregators.

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Robert Herz
Senior Advisor ESG at RS Metrics,
Member of the Board of Directors of Morgan Stanley,
Former Chair of the Financial Accounting Standards Board

How Can ESGSignals® Help You?

  • Investors are moving away from self-reported Corporate Sustainability Assessments (CSA) and are demanding standardized, comparable, asset-level ESG metrics from corporates. The metrics that ESGSignals® provides allow for improved best-in-class rankings based on ESG metrics and integrating the data within independent sets.
  • ESGSignals® provides you access to the same professional underlying asset-level data and analysis upon which index providers and ratings agencies are building their ESG models improving corporates’ chances to identify risks and opportunities.
  • Asset managers can use the environmental asset-level metrics to measure ROI, reduce headline risk, and create an impact
  • SFDR Regulations: asset managers can use the independent, real-time, scalable ESG metrics to disclose the ESG performance of the companies they have allocated assets in
  • Impact investors can use ESGSignals to receive objective information on the past, present, and future exposure to environmental risks for areas such as water stress, land use/land cover, biodiversity, etc
  • The lack of complete company disclosures, consistent reporting, and standardized metrics has made it hard for rating providers to incorporate effectively and correctly ESG data into their existing rating systems. ESGSignals® helps overcome that by providing independent, verifiable, and near real-time asset-level data which reveals otherwise overlooked metrics on a scalable level.
  • Metrics that are specifically designed for enhanced passive indices which are a departure from market cap weighted indices with risk based ESG optimization in mind.
  • Metrics that are updated on a monthly/semi-annual/annual basis can also be incorporated during periods of rebalancing, enhancing index returns and selection criteria.

Building Blocks

How Modular and Scalable are Our Applications?

The building blocks approach allows for choosing an industry of interest, filtering and scaling up depending on the level of insights.

* Please note that this is a visualization tool. We have more than 100 different metrics available to choose from.