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TrafficSignals™ measures parking lot traffic data (vehicle counts) at parking lots and the actual parking lot size for 65000+ retail store locations around the United States covering around 52 major retail tickers.

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The scarcity of Interesting, Insightful and Clean real-world data sets for academic research has been an issue for the academic community for so long.

How does it work?

National and regional traffic growth, store level data, trend analysis, Predictive Signals and Alerts for 45+ retail chains. It provides historical datasets of national and regional traffiic growth, store level data, trend analysis, and predictive signals and alerts for more than 45 retail chains

TrafficSignals Alert Sheet

March 7th

PIR surprised the Street by preannouncing their 4Q15 reporting better than expected sales and comps.

RS Metrics Report Release Dates:
November Signal: 12/7/15
December Signal: 1/20/16
January Signal: 2/22/16

April 13th

PIR confirmed their March 7th preannouncement AND guided sales lower for both 1Q17 and FY17.

RS Metrics Report Release Dates:
March Signal 4/10/16

Our Hit Rate Tool analyzes TrafficSignals™ accuracy back to 4Q13

Top 10 Performing Retail Names

  1. Pier One Imports (PIR)
  2. The Container Store (TCS)
  3. Target (TGT)
  4. Whole Foods Markets (WFM)
  5. Best Buy (BBY)
  1. Starbucks (SBUX)
  2. Kohl’s (KSS)
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD)
  4. Home Depot (HD)
  5. Lumber Liquidators (LL)

Hit Rate Tool percentage for Coverage Universe as a group by Quarter


Each month, when TrafficSignals™ generates a signal, the tool compares concensus revenue estiamates on the RS Metrics report release date and to the actual reported revenue on the company’s earnings release date.

  • Correct signal derived if reported revenue is either ‘in-line’ or a surprise in the direction of our signal
  • ‘In-line’ is defined as within .5% of consensus.
Power Centers / Outlet Malls
Stand Alone Retail Locations
Strip Centers