Tracking the World’s
"Shadow" Metal Inventory

Measurements and indices of production and storage for refined metals including steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and other commodities.

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Satellite Data Collection and Intelligence

Custom monitoring and analysis over one or multiple locations using the world’s leading satellite, aerial, and drone platforms. Accurate data extraction and analytics development through our highly extensible human/machine workflow.

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MetalSignals aggregates the production and storage data for each location to generate machine-learning based signals that are predictive of exchange metal price and inventory direction 1, 2, and 3 months out, as well as price direction for hundreds of metals-related equites, indices, currencies/FX, and interest rates.

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The tide is changing and the momentum is building behind #ESG but still need real, objective, verifiable company level data #ESGSignals

World’s largest money manager BlackRock overhauling its strategy with focus on sustainable investing. RS Metrics ESGSignals™ satellite analytics platform captures ground truth essential for building objective environmental and social metrics.
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Headwinds for iron ore prices in 2020 as Brazil production recovers and Indian domestic demand falters? Follow Iron ore storage volumes globally on our Metalsignals product. #ironore #shfe #steel #geospatialdata #altdata #platts #SGX RSMetrics photo

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Satellite data analytics tracked the increasing stocks at smelters in China prior to the volumes ending up in storage and pressuring SHFE Aluminum prices. #satelliteanalytics #aluminium #SHFE #SMM #LME RSMetrics photo

our #ESGSignals product tracks Gas, Waste, Metal, and other pollution: