Satellite Data Collection and Intelligence

Custom monitoring and analysis over one or multiple locations using the world’s leading satellite, aerial, and drone platforms. Accurate data extraction and analytics development through our highly extensible human/machine workflow.

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MetalSignals aggregates the production and storage data for each location to generate machine-learning based signals that are predictive of exchange metal price and inventory direction 1, 2, and 3 months out, as well as price direction for hundreds of metals-related equites, indices, currencies/FX, and interest rates.

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#India is one of the many countries prioritizing and encouraging #greenhydrogen solutions in 2021. Geospatial intelligence tools like RS Metrics' custom solutions can help the transition by monitoring production, transportation, and progress.

As demand for #EV batteries surges and shortages are expected across the sector, companies like the Singaporean startup Green Li-ion are working on developing effective solutions for lithium ion batteries recycling.

The International Aluminium Institute published a report on #GHG emissions reductions paths available for the sector for the upcoming years till 2050 – "Aluminum Sector Greenhouse Gas Pathways to 2050".

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Money managers are trying to have one of the Trump-era Labor Department rules that prevents socially focused funds from some retirement plans revised, in the hope of bringing more #ESG to the world of 401(k)s.

Interesting read on the influence of human-made and human-impacted #aquatic ecosystems on air quality and levels of methane emissions.