Satellite Analytics:

Satellite Data Collection and Intelligence

Custom monitoring and analysis over one or multiple locations using the world’s leading satellite, aerial, and drone platforms. Accurate data extraction and analytics development through our highly extensible human/machine workflow.

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MetalSignals aggregates the production and storage data for each location to generate machine-learning based signals that are predictive of exchange metal price and inventory direction 1, 2, and 3 months out, as well as price direction for hundreds of metals-related equites, indices, currencies/FX, and interest rates.

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Zinc production seem to decrease in many regions across the globe.But it is expected to recover in year 2021 and in subsequent years. @Reuters @Hindustan_Zinc @LME_news @RioTinto RSMetrics photo

Fitch expects a long term structural downtrend in zinc prices, forecast to begin in 2021. Furthermore it forecasts the global zinc consumption growth to slow from an average of 2.2% y-o-y over 2010-2019 to an average of 1.1% y-o-y over 2020-2029.

Copper prices seems to rise as mining restrictions disrupt production. RS Metrics inventory levels show a decrease in inventory levels when compared with past year 2019 in recent months. @RioTinto @bhp @metalsnews @valeglobal @INN_Copper RSMetrics photo

Satellite analytics at RS Metrics shows the overall iron ore storage inventory at ports of Australia and Brazil have spiked up in August by 4.92% and 5.62% respectively relative to July. Learn More :

@bhp @RioTinto @valeglobal

Copper mining in Peru, is almost completely recovered from the impacts of the pandemic, according to a government official. However satellite analytics at RS Metrics shows that, Peru’s copper inventory levels, fell 8.2% year on year in July.

Copper prices seem to rise and in high demand currently. Here's how inventory levels show across the globe for copper. @RioTinto @bhp @valeglobal @metalsnews RSMetrics photo