In 2023, ESGSignals® is part of ESG 2.0: Objective Direct Measurement and provides asset-level data which is more reliable than other approaches for sustainability assessment and disclosures that are largely non-standardized and based on approximation. We partner with leading computing services like Google Cloud Platform to bring innovative cloud-based solutions for companies and investors.

In 2019 , we went to market with an ESG-focused transition product, ESGSignals®. In 2021, we expanded ESGSignals® from 2 to 50+ geospatial data sources and created 100+ environmental, climate, and physical Risk Metrics per asset. A culmination of our product development and journey, ESGSignals® addressed fundamental gaps in the ESG and sustainability domain for objective, verifiable and independent data and metrics

Achieving real time monitoring across industries was a key concern for many stakeholders whether it be for investment or supply chain management purposes In 2019, GREAT established the comprehensive and active tracking of mines, smelters, factories leading to intelligent management of supply chain risks combined with PAAS
For the metals, mining and related trading it was imperative to consider trends and signals the key metals and coal production. In 2017, we pioneered one of our key legacy products MetalSignals™ which observed trends and signals for zinc, aluminum, copper, iron ore, bauxite, coal and steel at 500+ global smelters, terminals and storage sites

To better understand operations and production for global factories and distribution centers was the next step

In 2012, we established FactorySignals which monitored trends and signals across production, raw materials usage and employment for global factories and Distribution Centers

It was a natural evolution as we expanded from understanding retail traffic dynamics to expanding to commercial real estate as a whole.

In 2011, through CRETrends we identified trends and signals for commercial real estate properties such as retail office, industrial spaces.

Our first big project where we measured the traffic to parking lots at leading locations

In 2010, TrafficSignals™ enabled the tracking of retail traffic data and signals for retail and restaurant chains

100 +

Environmental, Climate & Physical Risk metrics

We expanded ESGSignals® from 2 to 50+ geo-spatial data sources and created ~100 environmental, climate and physical risk metrics per asset

Global Distribution

Open up reference design to 1000s of data providers who want to leverage AssetTracker to generate ESG, climate, and physical risk insights and sell through RS Metrics

Accessible to all on a usage-based model

Usage-based access and pricing for ESGSignals® and AssetTracker products to customers globally. We anticipate 1000s of ESG data providers, researchers, consultants, audit, and assurance will be using the data.

12+ Years of Geospatial Expertise

We brought our 12+ years of geospatial expertise coupled with our AI, ML, data science, and financial product expertise to bear on creating the world’s first asset level ESG platform for capital markets and corporates, which led to RS Metrics named a Geospatial ESG Leader by IDC in 2021.

RS Metrics’ 6 Areas of Expertise

GIS Expertise

In analyzing physical assets through a geospatial lens to measure emissions, water stress, land-usage, land-cover classification, exposure to biodiversity and climate physical risks.

Asset Classification Expertise

Combining over 50+ open-source, regulatory, governmental, and commercial data sources to expand our asset location coverage. Current coverage includes the largest public companies in the world which are aligned with National, Regional, and Global indexes. The major sectors covered include energy, utilities, materials, and industrials.

Computing Expertise

Visual AI and ML, Object and Change Detection, Multi-tenant architecture, DAAS and algorithms - eg Biodiversity, Water Stress.

Data Science

Identifying, optimizing diverse, non-monolithic datasets and transforming them to asset level metrics.

Financial Markets

Quantifying financial impact, materiality across equity, debt, structured finance etc. and creating reference alt-data sets for capital market stakeholders including asset managers, corporates, pension funds, banks, and regulators.

Thought Leadership

Partnering with researchers at Columbia, UC, Harvard, TNFD, UNEP, NASA, SASB, SEC, World Bank and others in helping define asset-level climate metrics and climate modeling.

Our Partners

Collaboration is the Driving Success of Our Go-To-Market

RS Metrics sees a tremendous opportunity in the creation of a global reference dataset. Our go-to-market is collaborative and based on partnering with like-minded companies towards a common goal. We have been working closely with a diverse range of global partners in driving our Go-To-Market. The points of collaboration have been many and we look forward to developing our GTM with the expertise and capabilities of our valued partners to address the increasing demand for high-quality ESG data and analytics.