COVID-19 Impact

Tracking Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy

The effects of COVID-19 on the global supply chain and customer demand are still very uncertain. The news and data coming from governments and media can be delayed, incomplete, and even false. To manage risks and inform decisions, you need to arm your business with data and analysis that is objective, unbiased and real-time, and directly answers your questions.


RS Metrics, the leading provider of economic satellite imagery data and analysis, provides large-scale satellite analysis of production, employment, raw materials usage and customer traffic at thousands of global retail, industrial, and commodity locations.


It measures weekly or even daily trends at the location, regional, or country level, so you can make the right decisions quickly in uncertain times.


MetalSignals™ customers are currently focused on tracking China and Italy (and global) economic activity with real-time "ground truth" from satellite imagery.


RS Metrics provides custom event driven monitoring solutions to companies looking for real-time insights on their assets during COVID-19

China Quarterly GDP Growth VS. RS Metrics Monitored China Copper Rolling 4 Quarter Production

Continued Operational Disruptions in China?

Metals Warehouse in Shanghai, China Tracked by RS Metrics

Our satellite data clearly shows that this particular warehouse has completely stopped storing metals outdoor since Dec 2019. While there are no metals, the number of containers on site are piling up. COVID-19 impact hasn't started to wipe away yet?

Base Metals Satellite Measurements

Captured Date - Nov 15, 2019

Image Captured Date - Mar 5, 2020