Custom satellite data
collection and analytics

Track Your Project Quickly and Effectively

Since 2009, RS Metrics has completed hundreds of custom monitoring projects for clients around the world. Our solutions offer unmatched expertise in data collection and analytics development. Drawing on our years of combined experience in satellite collection planning, our team will provide project feasibility and cost estimates quickly so you can respond to changing conditions on the ground.

GREAT (Global real-time monitoring and alert system)

GREAT is a customer dashboard and alert system that is custom made for each organization to meet their specific needs. GREAT provides not just measurements, but also real-time alerts. Our platform can track and measure activity and change at thousands of locations such as factories, retail sites, mines, and critical infrastructure. Using our AI platform, trained with more than 6 years of historical data, GREAT can be used to monitor supply chain, productivity, and competition.

Custom Event-Driven Monitoring

Our capabilities for custom monitoring include historical and go-forward analysis for one or multiple locations. We work with the world’s leading satellite, aerial, and drone platforms to select the best combination of data available for any project.

In addition to imagery collection, RS Metrics custom monitoring service includes data extraction and analytics development using our cloud-based human/machine platform.

Examples of Our Work

Event-Driven Analysis

Monitoring the derailment of an iron ore train in Western Australia and the associated impact on stockpile supply at a nearby major port.

Inventory Measurement

Measuring the amount of lumber stored at sawmills in Western Canada over a weekly basis.

Construction Progress

Monitoring the construction of an electric vehicle battery factory on a weekly basis and verifying installation of key equipment in conjunction with an industry expert.

Operational Activity

Visual verification of activity at newly built consumer product distribution centers in China.

Revenue Recognition

Measuring installation and “percent complete” of utility-scale solar projects to assist in revenue recognition modeling.

Industry Trend Adoption

Monitoring year-over-year and month-to-month decline of airport car rental activity to gauge disruption by ride sharing competitors.


Integrate your data with the RS Metrics platform to process “accurate at scale” custom imagery data feeds, and create vertical apps, trends, alerts, imagery, and predictive signals.

Global professional services team operates 24/7 with capability for next-day delivery of imagery, data, and insights.