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RS Metrics provides partners with independent ESG data for solutions, distribution, consulting, reporting, and even for educational projects.

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Explore the types of partners we have below and apply to become a partner by telling us more about your company and your ideas.

Developer Partner

RS Metrics partners with leading software companies to create new data and AI solutions. If you are interested in ESG innovation and you want to create a tool that is driven by our data and algorithms, reach out to us. You can explore our project with Google Cloud Platform here.

Distribution Partner

If you provide different datasets through your platform and want to add our independent, asset-level data, reach out to us. We have different distribution partners who want to make it easier for their users to obtain ESG data. We are passionate about making independent ESG data available to more people.

Exchange Partner

RS Metrics provides its exchange partners with ESG data that they can supply for trading decisions and processes. We partner with exchanges to enrich their existing data with independent ESG data on an asset level.

Consulting Partner

RS Metrics collaborates with consulting companies to provide solutions for corporates to better understand their environmental processes. You can provide ESG data to help with management suggestions. Additionally, RS Metrics can provide monitoring needs tailored to the type of companies you work with.

Satellite Vendor

If you are a satellite vendor and you are looking to partner with us to explore ways in which your data can benefit from our asset-level method, we can discuss that.

Geospatial Partner

If you are a geospatial company and you want to partner with RS Metrics to provide ESG data, contact us.

ESG Standard Setting Bodies

RS Metrics also partners with established ESG standard setting bodies that aim to supply better ways for companies to report and assess their performance. We have partnered with organizations like TNFD to provide better ESGSignals® to provide more useful data for companies looking to use their approach. If you want to partner with a leading data provider for your other requirements, contact us.

Academic Partner

RS Metrics supports education and research by providing historical data and collaborating to measure important environmentally related events. Explore some of our projects here.

Products we can collaborate on

Allows businesses to measure their environmental performance and risk in an objective and comparable manner for assets within public and private markets and benchmark against competitors

EVTracker™ tracks and estimates monthly and quarterly production and activity at leading electric vehicle manufacturers’ production facilities across the globe, bringing valuable insights for investors.

AssetTracker is a proprietary global database provides the ability to obtain information about specific assets or include the ones you are most interested in.

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