RS Metrics' core team focuses on innovation, research, and excellence in the field of data science and sustainability.

Maneesh Sagar

Chairman and CEO

Maneesh is a serial entrepreneur, VC, and teacher. He is focused on creating interdisciplinary innovation and creating meaningful and scalable solutions for the most pressing problems of our time. He is the founder of Thynk Ventures, a hands-on VC, investing in the intersection of AI, IoT, machine learning, and process automation. He has an MBA from Columbia Business School, and a BA in Economics (Magna Cum Laude) from Ohio Wesleyan University, where he was a Presidential Scholar. He is also an Innovation Fellow and a Founding Career Coach at Columbia Business School, teaching classes on innovation and VC.

Maneesh is the founder of Thynk Ventures, a venture capital fund, which leads investments across machine learning, AI, mobile, digital platforms, and SaaS companies.

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He has a history of investing in, and scaling up disruptive startups. He was the Co-Founder of NeuVis (acq by IBM-Rational) where he raised over $80 million and grew the company to over 350 employees. At Huntington House, he created the first online sustainable development marketplace. At MondoWindow, he co-created the world's first browser based moving map company, and at, he co-created the world’s first precise indoor location tracking platform.

He was Managing Director at Connecticut Innovations, where he invested in mobile, enterprise software, marketing automation, and IOT. Investments and advisory roles include Frevvo, Keisense (acq by Nuance), NetKey (acq by NCR), ROI (acq by Revionics), Premise (acq by Eclipsys), SilverSky (acq by BAE Systems) ShopText (acq by Anomaly), HigherOne (NYSE) and SmartEquip.

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Rashmi Bomiriya, PhD

COO and Chief Data Scientist
Managing Director - R S Metrics Asia Holdings

Rashmi is responsible for executing RS Metrics’ business strategy and ensuring operational excellence globally. She is also responsible for designing and developing analytical products that combine internal and external data to generate actionable insights, continuously expanding data science capabilities within the organization, and guiding the diverse product development teams consisting of software engineers, data scientists, system support analysts as well as sales, marketing and partnership managers.

Rashmi holds a PhD in Statistics from the Pennsylvania State University and a BSc Special Degree in Statistics and has 14+ years of diverse industry experience.

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Rashmi holds a PhD in Statistics from the Pennsylvania State University and a BSc Special Degree in Statistics, with honors and the gold medal for the best student in Statistics, from the University of Colombo. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Rashmi was an Associate Vice President at Amba Research Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Now Acuity Knowledge Partners), a financial services provider for Wall Street clients, where she implemented novel portfolio optimization algorithms, change detection algorithms as well as trained and managed a group of quantitative analysts. She also served as an online instructor for graduate level Statistics courses for Penn State World Campus for several years. Currently, she is also a member of the Board of Management for Center for Data Science, University of Colombo. She is also a co-founder of ESGSignals® and AssetTracker products.

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Nilosha Pereira

Global Head of Operations
CEO/Director – R S Metrics Asia Holdings

Nilosha brings over a decade of industry experience and focuses on RS Metrics strategy and global operations. He holds an MBA from London Metropolitan University and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT).

Nilosha has 12+ years of industry experience in managing and developing data driven products and strategies and running entire company operations.

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Nilosha oversees global operations at RS Metrics and focuses on ESG and data driven products and markets. Has 12+ years of industry experience in managing and developing data driven products and strategies, managing highly talented teams consisting of software engineers, data scientists, product, marketing, partnerships and sales managers and data analysts. Developing custom software, products and systems, scaling infrastructure for growth, running entire company operations while leading and maintaining the marketing and sales communications (CRM) of RS Metrics globally. Co-founder ESGSignals (real-time, objective, and verifiable Environmental, Climate and Physical Risk metrics at an asset-level), AssetTracker (accurate asset-level geolocation data) and EVTracker (monthly and quarterly production and activity data on leading EV manufacturers).

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Malcolm Harris

EVP, Corporate Strategy and Partnerships

Malcolm is a leading expert on how corporations and investors can integrate climate data into capital allocation and strategic decision making, in order to properly assess the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. Malcolm currently leads a variety of commercial efforts and advises ESG teams on climate and ESG strategy at Novisto, a leading ESG data management platform.

Malcolm holds an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School, and an undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of Virginia.

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Previously at Chevron, he built critical infrastructure for enabling Chevron to address investor concerns around transition risk including leading Chevron’s global outlook on carbon pricing, integrating carbon pricing into business planning, inventorying global low carbon Capex and other projects on green finance and climate policy. He held prior roles in treasury and M&A. Malcolm is a US Army veteran and served two tours of Iraq.

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Michael Glasky

Fractional Head of Sales

Michael Glasky brings invaluable experience and a genuine passion for climate tech. With a background in electric vehicle infrastructure and carbon project ratings, he works behind the scenes to drive change and progress. After helping ChargeLab expand their EV charging footprint across North America, he moved on to Noodoe EVOS where he worked with their Taiwan team to bring their solution to more North American partners. From there he helped prove Renoster's Carbon Project Rating product and bring it to market, developing partnerships and relationships with ESG groups at corporates and financial institutions across the globe.

As one of the founding members of UFTP Consulting, Michael focuses on nurturing climate tech start-ups and helping them grow.

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His years of sales and partnership experience across industries gives him the expertise to help organizations focus on what's most important to them. Michael is a dedicated advocate for climate tech and ESG, and his work is a testament to his belief in creating a better, more sustainable future for all.

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RS Metrics' Board of Advisors consists of distinguished industry experts from various fields who share a passion about sustainability.

Senior Advisor ESG

Robert Herz

Mr. Herz’s current activities include serving on the boards of directors and various board committees of...
Senior Advisor ESG

Olivia Albrecht

Olivia is currently a CEO at Aspiration, a company focused on climate action, which provides...
Senior Advisor ESG

Libby Bernick

Libby is the CEO at Impact Cubed, whose digital tools allow investors to see the impact of their investments...
Senior Advisor ESG Marketing

Eileen Lynch

Eileen is currently the Head of Governance and Communications Marketing at Broadridge...
Senior Advisor

Magnus Billing

Magnus has more than 20 years of experience from the international financial industry in different executive positions
Senior Advisor Sales

James Gavilan

James Gavilan is a global commodities executive with over 25 years of finance, risk management...
Senior Advisor Technology

Richard Anfang

Richard is a technology executive with over 30 years of experience working in global financial service organizations.
Senior Advisor Capital Markets

Annelise Osborne

Ms. Osborne is a finance executive with 25 years of experience in finance, commercial real estate, fintech...
Senior Advisor Technology

Albert Fernández

Albert is a highly accomplished, innovative and inspiring C-Level and board executive in technology...
Senior Advisor

Tan Moorthy

Tan Moorthy has over three decades of global experience in the IT professional services industry
Senior Advisor Commodities

Peter Neumann

Peter has more than 34 years of institutional financial, commodity and global trading experience...