RS Metrics Partnership
with Google Cloud Platform

RS Metrics brings ESG data to its customers through their platforms of choice with GCP

Bringing your data to life

RS Metrics partners with leading data provider platforms to ensure that asset managers, businesses, and geospatial professionals have access to our data through their preferred platforms.

RS Metrics’ asset-level ESG design pattern on Google Cloud Platform presents our extensive data and takes it to a whole new level, providing a powerful tool for comparison and visualization.

Professionals interested in using objective metrics to assess sustainability performance or measure portfolio environmental risk, can do that through RS Metrics’ products on Google Cloud Platform’s data marketplace.

You can explore ESGSignals® and AssetTracker through an interface that allows you to select the key assets that interest you the most.

Key Features

Filtering & Customisation

You can choose an industry or specific characteristic that matters the most for your investment or management purposes and explore it.

ESGSignals® visualization tool developed with Google highlighting the filtration and customization options
ESGSignals® visualization tool showcasing different types of data that is being extracted.

Key Features

Asset-Level Breakdown

This allows you to get an isolated view on the metrics of a specific asset and derive granular insights about its performance.

JULY 11, 2022

Quantifying portfolio climate
risk for sustainable investing with geospatial analytics

Maneesh Sagar
CEO, RS Metrics

Aaman Lamba, Senior Industry Principal,
Infosys Data, Analytics & AI,

Jeff Sternberg, Technical
Director, Office of the CTO.

Use Cases

Allowing you to manage, understand and act on data

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A leading geospatial analytics tool helping businesses measure their ESG impact and benchmark against competitors

A webinar on 'Leveraging independent ESG Data Insights with RS Metrics' ESGSignals®

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM on May 25

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