Global Electric Vehicle
Production and Activity Tracker

EVTracker™ tracks and estimates monthly and quarterly production and activity at leading EV manufacturers’ production facilities across the globe, bringing valuable insights for investors.

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RS Metrics' EVTracker™ quantitative analysis of high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery delivers instantaneous asset-level data and invaluable insights for investments and risk assessment.

Having spotted the electric car opportunity back in 2015, RS Metrics first began custom monitoring the manufacturing facilities of lead electric car producers such as Tesla, NIO and BYD Auto, and kept evolving and expanding the product’s capabilities. EVTracker™ is a powerful product for investors looking to gain a competitive edge in EV investments.

How Does It Work?

RS Metrics’ EVTracker™ monitors and estimates monthly and quarterly production and activity at leading electric car manufacturers’ locations (such as Tesla, Nio, Kandi, Xpeng, BYD.

The product uses quantitative analysis of high resolution satellite and aerial imagery to measure historical and ongoing change in employee cars, container trucks, and production vehicles stored outside. Its platform provides valuable data across companies and locations which analysts can use to create independent, verifiable, and objective benchmarks.

Data In Context - Insights from the EV World

Raw data is the first step... but it is not enough. RS Metrics provides metrics and answers in context. It transforms asset-level data of any size into insights with bigger-picture trends and events in mind using areas of interest (AOI) and provides information on why the metrics are changing.

One of the ways RS Metrics achieves this holistic approach is through its ecosystem of vertical applications that provide insights across the supply chain and can offer an outlook into the impact on pricing and inventory production changes. Below is an example of how this could be achieved for the world of electric vehicles

Our Products In Action

Tesla Fremont

A case study on Tesla’s activity levels during COVID-19, featured on various media outlets.

Tesla Gigafactory Activity

This use case follows the analysis of employee, construction, and operational activity at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Storey County, Nevada. RS Metrics monitored a collection of images taken twice per week to show the progress of the facility and expected inventory levels.

Items Monitored and Quantified Over Time include: