Our Approach to Introducing Granular Asset-level Biodiversity Metrics to Our ESGSignals® Platform

ESGSignals® biodiversity metrics can be applied in financial analysis or corporate due diligence to help estimate potential influence on the surrounding environment and an asset level.

ESGSignals® through a collaboration with the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT) which provides extensive data about Protected Areas, Key Biodiversity Areas and IUCN Red List species

RS Metrics is a Data Catalyst member at the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures and has provided valuable insights about geospatial data assessment for TNFD's newly launched LEAP framework

Assessments and better understanding of the proximity and influence on IUCN Red List Species

Monitoring proximity to Protected Areas and Key Biodiversity Areas

Assessing company locations' biodiversity impact

Measurement of rate of forestation and deforestation

Water stress scores and vulnerability to fire exposure

Alignment with TNFD' newly launched LEAP framework

What Answers do ESGSignals® Biodiversity Metrics Provide?

Stakeholders can use ESGSignals® Biodiversity data to answer questions that have been difficult to address in the past such as:

(i) How exposed is a portfolio company’s oil pipeline capacity to physical risk, and in the event of a spill or natural disaster, what will be the impact on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, impact on Key Biodiversity Areas, impact on protected areas and UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

(ii) What are the outlier assets in a portfolio in terms of exposure to Key Biodiversity Areas?

(iii) Estimate whether there are any World Heritage Sites near a company’s assets and how the company can better improve its processes to protect those areas.

Google Cloud Platform Powered ESGSignals® Dashboard

Assess the performance of different assets; gain real-time insights and competitive analyses; use metrics to identify items that require urgent action; streamline workflows and purpose resources.

RS Metrics harnesses an exceptional team of in-house experts in data science, geospatial analysis, and financial services, complemented by a distinguished board of advisors, including former Chairpersons and board members of standard-setting bodies like FASB and ISSB, as well as industry experts from Materials, Energy, Sustainability, and related fields.

This collaborative effort ensures RS Metrics' powerful ESGSignals® platform and AssetTracker integrate diverse knowledge, allowing responsible parties to access and interpret nature-related data effortlessly and drive positive change towards a sustainable future. Our user- friendly interfaces ensure that the results are presented in an easily understandable manner, even for those without deep expertise in all nature-related risks and opportunities.

Rashmi Bomiriya, PhD
COO and Chief Data Scientist of RS Metrics