ESGSignals® as a SAAS through Google Cloud

ESGSignals® is the industry-leading geospatial analytics platform for providing asset-level, objective, verifiable, and comparable environmental and climate physical risk data and metrics for companies. The physical assets are mapped back to ownership, asset type, sector, country, etc., making it possible to conduct:

Frame 182

Risk profile comparisons for
assets with similar attributes

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Company, industry, sector-level
risk evaluation

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Baselining and benchmarking

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Portfolio screening, monitoring
and engagement & more

While the standard coverage for ESGSignals® includes many global public companies with a focus on the most polluting and physical asset-intensive sectors (Energy, Utilities, Materials, Industrials, etc.), we also allow you to ‘Bring Your Own Assets’ (BYOA) data in the pre-defined format (meaning Latitude and Longitude info of assets at a minimum) and extract a similar dataset for any public or private company that is not under our current coverage.

Themes Covered:

  • Land Usage & Land Cover
  • Water Stress
  • Wildfire Risk
  • Heatwave & Coldwave Risk
  • Coastal & Riverine Floods
  • Hurricanes, Landslides
  • Vegetation Indices (e.g. EVI)
  • Emissions
  • Overlap with Key Biodiversity Areas, 
World Protected Areas
  • Red List Species distribution
  • Ecosystem mapping for the assets
  • Nature-related impact and dependency materiality mapping for the assets
  • Ecosystem / biome specific environmental indicators (soil conditions, ocean water quality, etc.) & more

RS Metrics is a TNFD (Task Force for Nature-Related Disclosures) Data Catalyst Member who works closely with TNFD in refining its framework.

Key Features:

  • Objective | verifiable | comparable | timely data
  • Nature-related offering that is closely aligned and evolving with TNFD
  • Physical asset-level granularity with ownership mapping
  • Powered by GCP and Google Earth Engine (GEE)
  • Brings together hundreds of open-source, premium, structured, unstructured (geospatial & other) data
  • Comparable data across assets, companies, sectors, industries, countries, etc.

Market Segments & Use Cases

Asset Managers

Integration for fundamental, quantitative, and enhanced active investment strategies.


Environmental sustainability assessment.

Rating Providers

Reference data for ESG ratings & scores.

ESG Ratings & Solutions Providers

Sustainability finance solutions, regulatory and reporting solutions for IBAT, TNFD, TCFD etc.

Index Providers

Integration for ranked sustainable investment indices and custom benchmarks.

Tutorials and Documentation


About managed services

Managed Services are fully hosted, managed, and supported by the service providers. Although you register with the service provider to use the service, Google handles all billing.