Cognizant Partnership

Transform how you perceive and manage environmental risks with cutting-edge analytics through our product with Cognizant, built on the Google Cloud infrastructure and Gemini models

Sustainable Decisions

In an innovative partnership, RS Metrics, Cognizant, and Google Cloud have come together to launch analytics for climate insights.

This tool revolutionizes the way businesses approach climate-related risks by combining RS Metrics' geospatial analytics expertise with Cognizant's industry-leading technology solutions and Google Cloud's powerful computing capabilities.


Harnessing the Power of Data for Environmental Intelligence

This offer digs deep into geospatial data to reveal potential environmental changes and pursue opportunities. Whether it’s tracking deforestation, assessing water risk, or monitoring urban heat islands, our tool equips you with the detailed intelligence necessary to make proactive, responsible decisions.

Capabilities and Advantages

Data Analysis

Utilize satellite imagery and predictive analytics to monitor environmental impacts accurately and go easily from data, to dashboards, to insights.

Risk Management

Our tool provides a detailed risk assessment across operations and supply chains, enhancing your ability to foresee and mitigate potential disruptions.

Integrated Technology and AI Tools

Built on Google Cloud's robust infrastructure and Gemini models as a foundation, the tool ensures real-time insights and responses to diverse queries about environmental themes.


RS Metrics' use of Google Cloud's AI capabilities to develop cutting-edge solutions can help customers drive digital innovation at scale.

Rodrigo Rocha
Head of Global Apps ISV Partnerships at Google Cloud


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