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What is ESGSignals?

Satellite imagery measurements of activity for 1,000s of industrial locations operated by publicly owned companies. Weekly measurements for each location:

  • Land usage (perimeter of property, construction)
  • Environmental impact (air quality, pollutants, emissions)
  • Employment (employee cars)
  • Clean energy (Renewable energy project progress)
  • Production and raw materials usage (semi-trailer trucks, rail cars, stockpiles, products)

ESG factors are increasingly driving investment decisions

Over 80% of investors

indicated that ESG factors will influence their decision more than financial statements.

78% of asset owners

say that they have already started integrating ESG into their investments.

ESGSignals At a Glance

Access ESG data and insights through the web application, FTP, or API.

  • Dashboards to see trends at a glance
  • Drill downs on individual metrics
  • Signals overlaid on stock price and inventory
  • Images with analysis

ESGSignals provides factors for cross asset investment

Benchmark Self-Reported ESGSignals™ API Access


Effluents & Waste

Energy Use

GHG Emissions

Water Use

Safety (Tailings Dams)

ESGSignals Use Cases:

  • Supply Chain Environmental Analysis
  • Direct Environment Impacts of Mining
  • Environmental Effect to Downstream Water Bodies
  • Environmental Impact of Commercial Shipping

What ESGSignals Tracks:

  • Aluminum producers using green power
  • Environmental impact
  • Production and raw material usage
  • Land usage and employment
  • Land and water usage
  • Renewable energy usage

Customer Types:

  • Supply Chain
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Water Usage
  • Shipping

Frequent Updates:

  • MetalSignals daily dataset: updated on a daily basis with > 90% of all observations processed within 48 hours.
  • MetalSignals weekly dataset: updated each Wednesday including all observations processed during the prior week.
  • 1-month and 3 month price and inventory forecasts updated throughout the month.

Sampling and Processing:

  • Frequency of data collection per location ranges from every few days to every few months. Locations can be prioritized for additional collections.
  • Raw unprocessed location-level data is available for quantitative analysis and integration.
  • Aggregated weekly or monthly data is available for out-of-the-box analysis using Kalman Smoothing to impute the data and adjust for missing values.

Customer Types:

  • Commodity traders and investors
  • Equities / Macro traders and investors
  • Corporate metal procurement / supply chain
  • Smelters
  • Treasury managers
  • Storage companies
  • Mining companies

Thought Leadership in Satellite Analytics

Since 2010, RS Metrics has been consistently featured by a variety of global publications.