RS Metrics ESG Suite

Operational and environmental trends, predictive signals, ratings, and alerts for 1,000s of companies and locations.


What is ESGSignals?

Satellite imagery measurements of activity for 1,000s of industrial locations operated by publicly owned companies. Weekly measurements for each location:

  • Land usage (perimeter of property, construction)
  • Environmental impact (air quality, pollutants, emissions)
  • Employment (employee cars)
  • Clean energy (Renewable energy project progress)
  • Production and raw materials usage (semi-trailer trucks, rail cars, stockpiles, products)

ESGSignals At a Glance

Access ESG data and insights through the web application, FTP, or API.

  • Dashboards to see trends at a glance
  • Drill downs on individual metrics
  • Signals overlaid on stock price and inventory
  • Images with analysis

ESGSignals Use Cases:

  • Supply Chain Environmental Analysis
  • Direct Environment Impacts of Mining
  • Environmental Effect to Downstream Water Bodies
  • Environmental Impact of Commercial Shipping

What ESGSignals Tracks:

  • Aluminum producers using green power
  • Environmental impact
  • Production and raw material usage
  • Land usage and employment
  • Land and water usage
  • Renewable energy usage

Customer Types:

  • Supply Chain
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Water Usage
  • Shipping

Frequent Updates:

  • MetalSignals daily dataset: updated on a daily basis with > 90% of all observations processed within 48 hours.
  • MetalSignals weekly dataset: updated each Wednesday including all observations processed during the prior week.
  • 1-month and 3 month price and inventory forecasts updated throughout the month.

Sampling and Processing:

  • Frequency of data collection per location ranges from every few days to every few months. Locations can be prioritized for additional collections.
  • Raw unprocessed location-level data is available for quantitative analysis and integration.
  • Aggregated weekly or monthly data is available for out-of-the-box analysis using Kalman Smoothing to impute the data and adjust for missing values.

Customer Types:

  • Commodity traders and investors
  • Equities / Macro traders and investors
  • Corporate metal procurement / supply chain
  • Smelters
  • Treasury managers
  • Storage companies
  • Mining companies

Thought Leadership in Satellite Analytics

Since 2010, RS Metrics has been consistently featured by a variety of global publications.